3 must-have products for new Mother's

Having a baby is not as simple as it once was.

Now, there are so many products on the market that a new mother 'needs'. Obviously, you will need all of the basic items, such as a bassinet, pram and clothes, but what else do you truly require? Here is a list of our top three products that we promise you will actually use and benefit from.

1. Baby Carrier

If you are not familiar with the 'fourth trimester', then do yourself a favour and have a read of this wonderful article on pregnancy birth & babyIt brings attention to the 12 weeks after birth which are commonly referred to as the "fourth trimester". These weeks are an adjustment period for your baby. After 9 months inside the womb, it is a massive adjustment to the outside world. The womb is warm and squishy and full of comforting sounds. It is no wonder, that you may find your baby does not want to leave your arms or be away from your chest. This is where a baby carrier (or sling), is so, super duper handy. It allows you to slip baby in close to your chest and be able to move about the house with both hands free. A newborn baby can be extremely restricting, and while you may be happy to sit and enjoy all the cuddles, you may also find yourself going crazy. Baby carriers are an amazing option if you want to be able to do a few things here and there, while baby sleeps, feeling cosy and safe.

You will find a large selection on the market, ranging in prices. Just make sure you get the right style/size for your newborn and have it fitted correctly. If you are not confident to make the right pick, or fit it yourself; places like Baby Bunting are always more than happy to help you. Never be scared to ask for help - this goes for any aspect of your motherhood journey!

2. WhiteNoise App
Getting your newborn baby to sleep can be no easy feat. Something that can be helpful is replicating the noises that baby once heard in the womb. It's not a quiet place in there - there is your heartbeat, the blood rushing through your veins, your stomach rumbles. 
A wonderful app is called "WhiteNoise" and it's free. There's a particular sound called 'pink noise' which could be described as a hybrid of white noise and rain sounds. This article explains exactly what pink noise is and the benefits. 
There are many sound machines on the market, but this app is free and plays endlessly. Give it a try! 
3. Indigo Nappy Changing Clutch Wallet
We have saved the best until last. In our opinion, every new mother needs our beautiful and functional product. The Indigo is a nappy wallet and change mat combined, making one glorious accessory. 
Read our blog post about what exactly the Indigo is. To sum things up, it is a portable changing station that folds down into a clutch wallet. It has additional pockets for your essential items and is perfect for those quick trips. Attach the shoulder strap and suddenly it's a cross-body bag, or pop it into a larger tote or baby bag. It truly is the best nappy change clutch, and the best part is that it is perfectly disguised as a normal wallet. You can check it out here

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