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What is the Indigo?

At Indi and Oscar, we have worked tirelessly to design a product that would allow Mother's to leave the house in confidence. Gone are the days where it is necessary to carry an unattractive and bulky, baby bag. The Indigo folds out into a comfortable changing station, ensuring you are prepared for any of babies little surprises. It is a compact and lightweight alternative to standard nappy bags. Every clutch comes with a detachable wrist and shoulder strap included. This allows a seamless conversion from clutch to cross-body bag. If you are embarking on a long trip and need to carry more, then simply add the Indigo to your favourite tote bag and suddenly you have a large baby bag. We understand that everyone's needs are...

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The journey into motherhood isn't an easy one. It's the hardest job in the world. The days are long... and the nights even longer. Personally, I found the adjustment to becoming a Mother quite difficult. I felt a loss of identity and freedom. I didn't feel like myself anymore. Throughout pregnancy I found myself wearing clothes that I didn't like, in a figure that I didn't recognise.

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