My name is Danica and I am the founder of Indi and Oscar. Let me tell you our story.

At the start of February 2020, I gave birth to my first child, Indiana. It was a massive adjustment. In between the long days and the even longer nights, there were many tears and so much unknown. Aside from having no idea what I was doing, I felt like I had lost all my identity as a Woman. I now only existed as "Mum". As amazing as this new identity is, and how truly blessed I am to be a Mum, it's certainly not an easy job!

Coronavirus reached its peak not long after Indi was born, and then a few months later it subsided. Suddenly, leaving the house became an option. All of my friends and family were excited about this news, but I felt uneasy and nervous. Taking a newborn out into the big, wide world is a daunting task! I would race around the house gathering everything I possibly could. I would then pile it into this big, expensive, baby bag, that I had bought a few months prior. I now know that newborns don’t actually do anything except drink, sleep, poo and then repeat. As I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed, I only needed to be taking nappies, wipes and a change mat!

As Indi grew up, I always felt the need for a smaller bag. When going for a walk or heading to the park or shops, I simply didn't need a massive baby bag. I wanted a small accessory that had a change mat, as well as space for nappies and wipes. I also wanted space for my phone, cards and lip balm. I wanted a stylish and functional accessory at an affordable price.

I wanted a product that didn't exist... 

Throughout the first year of Indi's life; I constantly dreaded the day I would have to leave her and head back to work. I knew these younger years were such a special time and would be over in the blink of an eye. I had always dreamt of owning my own business and having the ability to work for myself. I decided that now was the time to do it. Maybe, just maybe, I didn't have to go back to work at all. Maybe this was my opportunity to create something amazing for others, while simultaneously creating an amazing life for myself and my family. I had so much time to dedicate to learning everything I possibly could about running my own business. The number of nights I would aimlessly scroll through social media while sitting up feeding Indi, I could’ve been doing something productive online.

So in every free moment that I wasn’t doing “Mum duties”, I set about researching, learning and creating my product and business! I called my business Indi and Oscar, I think you can probably guess where Indi came from. If you're wondering about Oscar, well that's Indi's best friend. (See if you can spot him in the image above).

It has been a massive learning curve and there have been many obstacles along the way, but that's the short story of how The Indigo was created! I am so proud of the product that I have created. I absolutely love it and I know you, (or your loved one) will love it too!

My goal is to provide fellow Mother's with a stylish, functional and affordable clutch; that can be used throughout early Motherhood and beyond! Everyone deserves to feel good.

When you support Indi and Oscar it allows me to stay at home and watch Indi grow up, alongside her doggy best friend. That privilege is all I could ever ask for! 

Thank you for stopping by and hearing our story! Your support does not go unnoticed!

- Danica x