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We are so glad you've received your parcel and found your way here! We wanted to thank you again, for your purchase. As a small Australian business, every bit of support goes a long way. If you had the chance to read our story, then you would know that the success of this business means I get to stay at home and watch Indi grow up. It truly means the world. Your brand new Indigo is set to change your life. Before you step out into the wild with it, please have a quick read of the following points, (theres even a discount code).

Lots of love. We hope to see you again soon x

If you don't already, follow us on instagram @itsindiandoscar.  If you take any snaps while using your beautiful new accessory, please don't forget to tag us! We love to see our products out in the wild and share all the adventures they are having.

We would love to see you again so use the code THANKYOUMAMA for 10% off your next purchase. Hopefully you will think of us when you next need a gift for a beautiful Mama. Perhaps you can even treat yourself to some of the glorious products we have coming in the future!

If you have the time, we would really appreciate if you left us a review.
It helps other customers to feel comfortable in making their purchase. It also helps us to know what we are doing right and maybe what we could be doing better. Head to our product page and tell us what you think!
As a part of our efforts to be as eco friendly and sustainable as possible, we decided to eliminate thank you cards. In our experience, they are a lovely touch, but sadly often just end up in the bin.
At Indi & Oscar we opted to remove this element, and instead replace it with a QR code on our swing tags. Although this is only a small element, we believe that every move matters. We hope you have enjoyed your digital experience and welcome any feedback you may have surrounding it.